Monday, October 4, 2010

The Floyd County High School Craft Show

Hi friends,

The craft show this weekend was wonderful. There was a lot of foot traffic, and we had a blast! I have made some great friends along the craft circuit, and this weekend I got to renew some of them.  The variety of artisans there is incredible. There was so much talent displayed.

Next week I will set up at the Floyd crafters market again on Friday night. Then on Saturday, I will be at Woolwine for their Fall Festival.  I covet your prayers for a successful show and perfect weather, as we will be outside for this one.

I'll be really busy this week getting things ready. I am excited about it.

Spent the day with my lovely daughter. We had a delicious lunch and then shopped for fabric at the Fancy Gap Pottery and Fabric Store. We also had time to check out a dress shop and a rustic little craft shop.
I had a very enjoyable day.  God has blessed me with a beautiful family and I really enjoy it when I can spend one on one time with each of my kids.  Priceless!

God Bless everyone!  We are never alone!