Friday, October 15, 2010

A Good Week

This has really been a good week!  I have had some time to catch up on some craft ideas and things have really worked out smoothly.  God blesses each day, doesn't he?  My lovely daughter is on her way home today to attend Eric's concert tonight.  I am very proud of all my kids, and they share a very close bond. Thank you God!
My schedule for October is busy each weekend from now on. The 22nd I will be at the Floyd Crafters Market from 4-10pm. On the 23rd I will be at the Ferrum Rescue Squad for a craft set-up. There will be breakfast and lunch served. It's an 8am-6pm day, and we'll have crafts for sale the majority of the day.

My November dates are:
Nov. 6   Franklin County High School from 9-3
Nov. 12 Floyd Pavilion from 4-10
Nov. 13 Rotary Field, Stuart, VA from 8-4
Nov. 20 Bassett High School from 10-5
Nov. 21 Bassett High School from 1-5
Nov. 26 Floyd Pavilion from 4-10

Come see me at the shows and find out what's new for this season.  I have some new sellling outlets that I think will be very exciting for me.  Please add me to your prayer lists and may God bless you all!