Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Craft Show Schedule

This weekend was a successful one at the Lady Eagles Craft Show at Franklin County High. 

I saw lots of return customers and met new ones, and the business was pretty constant throughout the day.  

Thank you, Linda, for the help!  I enjoy having you come along to keep things fun and interesting.  We make a good team.

Thank you, Lori, for all the hard work in managing this show.  I know how much work and heart you give to this show.  We all appreciate the effort.

My schedule for the rest of the year is as follows:

Bassett High School Craft Show  is November 16, 9-5 and November 17, 1-5.

Humble Heart Open House is December 7, 10-5 and December 8, 1-5.

If you are in the area and can come, I invite you to visit us at the Open House.  There is always fun to be had.  We make taco soup and serve everyone who enters. Purchase your last minute gifts for teachers, co-workers, and friends.  We have ornaments, quilts, jewelry, photography, knitting, crochet, home decor and lots more.  

Hope your week is blessed,