Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day, Sunday Walks, and Cookout!

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  I am so thankful for the service of our soldiers and the sacrifices made so that we all might enjoy freedom here in America.
My dad served in WWII in Italy and just 2 years ago arrived in Heaven after battling Alzheimer's for years.
One day before his mind started failing him, I called to check up on him as he was then living alone.  He answered the phone in Italian, which was a great shock to me.  I had never heard him even refer to that language before and it was a hoot!  He just giggled and I lost it!  I will never forget how much fun that was!

Saturday, we worked all day catching up on the gardening and some work on the house that had been put off for a while and needed to be done.  Tired ourselves out I think.  We are not quite as young as we used to be.
LB and I are not too sure how we like having to slow down!   On Sunday I took a stroll in the woods on the property and enjoying taking a few stills.  Hope you like them!

We tidied up the deck and did a little more gardening on Monday and then had a lovely cookout with the kids  that afternoon.  On Monday night I got a little more quilting done in the sewing studio.  I'll post pictures soon of the items I am working on.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Gardening

 It's a beautiful day here today and LB and I have been gardening.  Our veggies are beginning to look tall and healthy.  We did a little weeding and I took some pictures just for the fun of it.  This new camera is so easy to use, and the pictures come out beautifully.  Hope you enjoy!

Clematis is blooming so pretty in the driveway!

Nice weather!

Roses are looking good!

Lettuce is coming along!

Cabbage looks healthy!

We had broccoli for lunch!

Even the frogs are enjoying the sunshine.  Can't wait for the lillies to bloom!

I hope you are all enjoying this lovely Saturday afternoon!

Blessings to all!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Wonderful Weekend

What a blessed weekend we have had here!  

On Friday night our daughter (in law) had college graduation. We are so proud of her.  Chris just beamed with pride and the love that he has for her. They were made for each other and I know that God picked her just for him.

Receiving Diploma!

The happy couple who celebrated their first wedding anniversary on Monday!


On Saturday, Laura stayed the weekend and we gardened.   Laura  was very excited about digging in the dirt!

Larry did the tilling!

Dad gives Laura a few tips!

Then we all worked at weeding!

On Saturday night we all met at a local restaurant with Livi's family and celebrated the graduation with dinner.  It was lovely and so much fun!  Eric missed out because he was on a trip to Busch Gardens. 

Then on Sunday-Mother's Day I got these!

You have to know that Larry and I consider ourselves richly blessed.  God has given us so much.  We are thankful to Him for all that he has allowed us.  
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as we did.
I am a happy girl today!

Monday, May 7, 2012

LB's New Toy!

My husband of 40 years has always worked hard to provide for me and our three great kids.  He has had a lifelong dream of doing beautiful photography.  Mind you he has not picked up a camera in many, many years, but just this week he bought himself a new Nikon camera with all the bells and whistles.  He deserves it!
So, I wanted to share some of his pictures from experimentation this weekend.  I am very proud of his efforts.  These pictures are not doctored on in any way.  This is just the way he saw it.

When he learns the ins and outs of this amazing camera, he just might be an awesome photographer.  What a nice way to spend a retirement.  Let us know what you think. 
Blessed and Happy,

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kristen's Wedding Favors

I just finished the wedding favors for my girl Kristen.  I used to babysit this child.  I kept her for several years until her brother came along and then kept him as well. Now she is a lovely young woman and getting married.  Time just goes by so fast.  I have very fond memories of all the children I have cared for in the past and now I have the pleasure of keeping my niece's little baby.  There have been quite a few little kids who grew up in my home and I love them all.  It allowed me to stay home with my own children, whom I am very proud to call mine.
Anyways, here are the favors that I did for Kristen.

Well tell me what you think.  She got the pattern from the internet, but I'm not sure who gets the credit for the idea.  I changed it up a bit and have seen these guys before.  If you know the original designer, please let me know.  I made 100 of these favors and enjoyed doing it mostly because it was done in love for Kristen.

Blessings to all!