Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year-----New Beginnings!

Any New Year resolutions?  I don't usually make them.  They are just too easily broken.  This year I hope to get healthier and lose some of the meds I am currently taking, so maybe that is a resolution.  Our family is at the moment happy and healthy and that is a huge blessing.

I hope I can re-vamp my blog and get more crafting and art done for the spring and summer seasons.  I normally do mostly fall and winter projects.  Now, with the Floyd Artisan Market as a sales outlet, I need to expand my vision.  I am up for that!!!

I just finished two quilt tops and hope to get those quilted next week.  I will be working at the art gallery in Floyd on Saturday and hope to get them done by then.. Also I have crafted four Raggedy Ann Prim Dolls to take. Look for me there! 

I hope that all my blogger friends have a great New Year and that God will bless us all in a special way.
Psalm 37:4


Sunday, December 26, 2010

What a Wonderful Life!

How on earth could you ask for a more wonderful Christmas! 

Dinner with family on Friday night. Secret Santa and opening gifts.  Lots of good food and laughter and teasing the kids about Santa's Christmas eve flight.  The little ones were so excited.

Christmas Day, celebrating Jesus' birthday.  Having breakfast with our sweet, sweet children ( who, by the way, are no longer little) and enjoying a delicious menu prepared by my daughter and me.  Then opening of gifts and laughing all the way!
A pajama day spent watching movies and just enjoying family.
And then there was the snow.  God gave us a white Christmas, which we have not experienced in a while.

What could be better?  Check out the pix!  Merry Christmas to all!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Blessed Christmas to Everyone!

I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for the support this year.  I met so many wonderful people!  New crafters and artisans and all the customers who purchased my items.  I have had a good year and it is due to these great folks. My family and I want to wish every one of you a Blessed Christmas and a Very Happy 2011.

We Love you all!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Day!

This weekend was a blast!  Our open house was a success.  We enjoyed shopping, good food, friends, and plenty of laughter. What could be better?

Thanks to all the visitors who stopped by to do their last minute shopping, and a great big thanks to the vendors who took time out of their busy schedules to set up with us.  A good time was had by all and the shared passion for art spiked lively conversation and a common thread that I feel very honored to be a part of.  Humble Heart Designs will be open through Dec. for your shopping convenience.  Check with us to make sure we are here (540) 365-7003, and visit us anythime through the holidays. 
I will now be taking a little r&r then back to work for the coming year's inventory.

God's Blessings to you all for a Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Well, it's getting closer to Jesus' birthday and I for one am excited.  Ever so thankful for God sending his son so that we all have a way to that home we have waiting for us on high.  Praise Him, Praise Him.

I have been under the weather to say the least for about 2 weeks now.  But,  I am recovering nicely and getting ready for our open house this weekend.   About 11 artisans have agreed to join us for the 2 day show, and they are all dear friends of mine that I have met on the craft circuit.  I feel so blessed to be in the company of so much talent. 

The weatherman has assured me that it will be a nice sunny weekend!  So all of you folks make plans to attend.  We will have lots of handcrafted gifts to shop for and lots of food to enjoy while you shop. Support your local artisans and buy good old USA made Christmas presents this year. Message me for more info.

Hope you all can come join the fun.  I have added some pix of our Christmas tree .  Enjoy!

Happy Day!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Open House Chirstmas Craft Show

Humble Hearts Open House Christmas Craft Show is Saturday, Dec. 11th from  10-5 and Sunday, Dec. 12th from 1-5.  I will be welcoming eight other artisans into my home for the weekend to set up and sell last minute gifts just in time for Christmas!  We will offer Ornaments, Quilting, Jewelry, Crochet, Knitting, Pottery, Photography, Woodworking, Tie Dye, & Handmade Cards. I am very excited about this.  We will serve refreshments and this will be our 10th year for this show.  So much fun!  Join us if you can.
E-mail for more info.

Be Blessed.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Family Fun!

Each Thanksgiving Day our family has a tradition.  We bake cookies and confections for the holidays and have a light meal.  The giggles actually started the night before when I stayed up until 2:30 cooking a turkey for Thursday's meal.  This was a huge bird and a very juicy one!  So juicy in fact, that the broiler pan that I was cooking it on spilled over onto the baking element of the oven and there I was at around 2 in the morning with doors open and fans running, in the kitchen with a towel flapping the smoke so the fire alarm would not go off and wake everyone in the family.  So FUNNY!
Things were looking up the next day!  The cookie baking was well under way and the boys were gracing us with some fine music.  Well, I mentioned that everything was progressing quite smoothly!  That was a big mistake!  We were busily enjoying our tasks in the kitchen when all of a sudden, sparks started flying and smoke started rolling.  The element in the oven burned out.  Of course we screamed and the guys came running and looking for the fire extinguisher.  Not to worry!  Hubby fixed the stove today and all is well.
Exciting times tough, and a very funny new holiday story to add to our list.  All in all, we had a great time.
Praise the Lord, Anyway!
Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Hope you had as much fun as we did!
Blessings, Pat

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

What a wonderful time of year.  Reflecting on all the things I am thankful for: A God who cares for every aspect of my life, a husband who has loved me and been there for me for 38 years. A daughter who is loving and has a burden on her heart for the people she serves as an advocate for survivors of sexual and domestic abuse. She plays classical piano and flute and has a love for all styles of music. A son who has always loved peace and has been our mediator when struggles come. A lover of music and an acomplished drummer.   He loves life and his personality engages everyone he meets. A future daugter-in-law who has an infectious smile and is the very one that I would have chosen for my son. Then there is our teeny-bopper, who is a joy to the whole family.  He was born into our group after the other two were practically grown and Larry & I started all over again with the late night feedings and all.  He has a love of music and is advancing quickly on guitar.  There is a lot of talent there!
At this time of year we all have wonderful blessings to be thankful for and should remeber where those blessings come from.  A loving God who is always with us.  He knows everything about us and cares for us even when we disobey. A forgiving God who will never give up on us.  Stay close to him.
My you all be blessed this Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Busy Time of Year

Had great success with my dear friend Phyllis on Saturday.  We both had really good sales at the craft show and giggled a lot.  Met some wonderful people and got the word out about our show next week at Bassett High and also passed out the invitations to the Open House in December.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon sprucing up the shop.  My in home store got some much needed cleaning and re-arranging.  Hopefully I will have everything ready for open house.  Most of the stock is in the trailer because of the scheduled shows, but I do have inventory in the shop.  It seems like I am constantly moving stuff from one location to the other.  Fun Stuff!

As I mentioned, next week you will find me at the Bassett High Band Boosters Craft Show.  This is a good show for me most years.  The young kids involved in the band are there to assist vendors and parking is good, which is a plus when you're pulling a trailer.  Lots of handcrafted talent and food is served all day on Sat.
The show runs Sat. and Sun. and there is usually a good flow of traffic.  Looking forward to it. If your are in the area, please come see us!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Humble Heart Designs: Hometown Craft Show

Humble Heart Designs: Hometown Craft Show: "Yesterday I sold my handcrafted items at the FCHS Arts & Crafts Show in Rocky Mount, VA. This is my hometown area and the day was a good on..."

Hometown Craft Show

Yesterday I sold my handcrafted items at the FCHS Arts & Crafts Show in Rocky Mount, VA.  This is my hometown area and the day was a good one.  My friend, Phyllis, was with me all day and also sold her things.  There were a lot of people through and sales were really good. 

I got to see a lot of friends and I had quite a few repeat customers as well.  It really warms my heart when folks actually are looking for the ornament lady.  My personalized ornaments seem to be my major sellers this time of year.  It is such a good, affordable gift for teachers, co-workers, friends and family.  The family ornaments are a great idea for gifts too.

Aside from the business, I really enjoyed the day and chatting with everyone.  I have to say that the show organizers did a great job.  The proceeds go to the Lady Eagles Team and thanks to Lori for getting all things worked out for the venders.  The girls from the team helped everyone unload and load and the whole day moved along very smoothly.

Today my boys are cutting wood for us to warm our home for the winter.  Larry and I are thankful to our boys for all the help and I fixed lunch for the hungry crew.  I couldn't resist taking a couple of snapshots.
They are so handsome!  Don't you think?

Hope you all are enjoying the rest of this weekend.

God bless,

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New items for sale

These are my newest items listed on zibbet.com/humbleheartdesigns.  The gingerbread doll is made from painted muslin and stands approximately 18" tall.  She is a favorite of mine and can be yours for $35.00. 

The Snowman is made from Warm & Natural cotton batting  and is dressed in detail for snowy weather.  He can be yours for only $15.00.

Message me if you are interested or check out my zibbet shop!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to Eric!

My son turns 17 today.  I remember the day well, Laura was 15 and Chris was 12.  They were there with me until the C-section.  They named the baby.  Laura picked ERIC and Chris picked CONNOR.  So it was that Eric Connor joined our family on Nov. 1, 1993!  What a blessing he is!  Thank you God for my kids!

We celebrated this weekend with dinner and presents and cake.  We giggled and played board games and someone commented that we were like the Cleavers.  Needless to say Eric did not know who the Cleavers were.  Ah Youth!

I have been very busy with preparing for the remaining craft shows for the year, and for my Open House Craft Show in December.  This will be the 10th year for my show.  Pray for much success!
We always have a lot of customers and a lot of fun is had by all. The year seems to have passed by so quickly.  We will soon be entering into a whole new year.  Prayers for 2011.  May God bless you all with a joyous and happy year to come.

We can all rejoice in the knowledge that God is with us and loves us unconditionally all the time!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Autumn has officially come to Ferrum, VA.  God has painted the forest trees in beautiful reds, oranges, and golds, and the serenity of the season is inspiring.  I am busily changing a few things around home for the coming holidays.  November will be a very busy month!  Craft shows are scheduled each weekend and I will have my family over for Thanksgiving dinner, as I do every year.  I really look forward to that!
Since Mom and Dad passed, we try to get together when we can.  Everyone is so busy these days, and it's hard to find a time that suits all schedules, but we try. 

I will try to get a few new listings in my Etsy and Zibbet shops within the next couple of weeks.  I really do try to update, but this is a very hectic time of year for us crafters.
I did set up at the Ferrum Rescue Squad last Sat. and it was worth the effort.  There was a lot of traffic due to the Ferrum Folklife Festival. I think this year was one of the better years for the festival.  A lot of people came to the event.  It was a great day, the weather was good and there are always lots of  folk art and old time artisans.  It's a really big deal for this small town.

God Bless Everyone!

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Good Week

This has really been a good week!  I have had some time to catch up on some craft ideas and things have really worked out smoothly.  God blesses each day, doesn't he?  My lovely daughter is on her way home today to attend Eric's concert tonight.  I am very proud of all my kids, and they share a very close bond. Thank you God!
My schedule for October is busy each weekend from now on. The 22nd I will be at the Floyd Crafters Market from 4-10pm. On the 23rd I will be at the Ferrum Rescue Squad for a craft set-up. There will be breakfast and lunch served. It's an 8am-6pm day, and we'll have crafts for sale the majority of the day.

My November dates are:
Nov. 6   Franklin County High School from 9-3
Nov. 12 Floyd Pavilion from 4-10
Nov. 13 Rotary Field, Stuart, VA from 8-4
Nov. 20 Bassett High School from 10-5
Nov. 21 Bassett High School from 1-5
Nov. 26 Floyd Pavilion from 4-10

Come see me at the shows and find out what's new for this season.  I have some new sellling outlets that I think will be very exciting for me.  Please add me to your prayer lists and may God bless you all!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rejoicing in the Moment

Good Sunday morning to all! 
This has really been a busy weekend!  Friday night I set up all my goodies to sell at the Floyd crafters market. God blessed with good sales and we had a wonderful time with crafter friends and good old bluegrass music. Then up again at 5:00 to set up at Woolwine Fall Festival at the Woolwine Fire Dept.
Sales were good there too, but the day turned out to be a long one. We had a lot of fun, and there were lots of activities to do. Good food too! There are some good down home country cooks in Woolwine.
I was so tired last night when I got in!  I did sleep in a while this morning.
My craft buddy, Phillis was with me at Woolwine and we really had fun and a lot of giggles together.
My next 'gig' is in Floyd again on Friday, Oct. 22.  So, I have a much needed break this week.
Hope you all have a blessed week!
God is Good all the time!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Floyd County High School Craft Show

Hi friends,

The craft show this weekend was wonderful. There was a lot of foot traffic, and we had a blast! I have made some great friends along the craft circuit, and this weekend I got to renew some of them.  The variety of artisans there is incredible. There was so much talent displayed.

Next week I will set up at the Floyd crafters market again on Friday night. Then on Saturday, I will be at Woolwine for their Fall Festival.  I covet your prayers for a successful show and perfect weather, as we will be outside for this one.

I'll be really busy this week getting things ready. I am excited about it.

Spent the day with my lovely daughter. We had a delicious lunch and then shopped for fabric at the Fancy Gap Pottery and Fabric Store. We also had time to check out a dress shop and a rustic little craft shop.
I had a very enjoyable day.  God has blessed me with a beautiful family and I really enjoy it when I can spend one on one time with each of my kids.  Priceless!

God Bless everyone!  We are never alone!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


This week brought back memories of Mama.  Tuesday, I was working on a quilt and just thinking about my mom and how much I miss her. I would not wish her back here from Heaven.  She longed to be there, but was devoted to her family.  I guess I was just feeling a little blue, so I completely lost it.  That's ok though,
because we all have those lonely moments when our memories come flooding in.  They are truly sweet memories!  I miss Dad too!  His battle with Alzhiemers is over now and he is in Heaven with Mom.  Great to know that they knew the Lord and one day we will meet on God's great shore.

This weekend I will be at the Floyd County High School for the annual Arts and Crafts Fair.  Pray for me to have great success in sales.  This year has been very slow for most of the crafters and vendors at the shows.
Budgets tend to be tighter this season. I understand completely.  Larry's work is slow now, too.  It just seems the year is coming to an end fast.  Before we know it, we'll be celebrating Christmas.  I'll let you all in on a little secret--- It's Christmas at my house all year!

OK, I'm off to pack the trailer and get ready for Saturday!   God's blessings to all!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I can hardly believe that September is moving along so fast. The leaves are starting to fall into the yard and I can see a change in the weather. It's still hot, but there's that little hint of autumn in the air. I've been doing some quilting the last couple of days for Kitten's Korner, but still managed to do some work for myself.  The ghost and witch that you see here I did this weekend.  Also, I attended a craft show on Saturday and that went very well.  I think the closer the Christmas season gets the more sales I might have.  The ornaments are a big hit every season.  I also plan to do our yearly open house this year on the second weekend of December.  That always turns out to be a success.  Everyone in the area knows about it and they come to get their last minute gifts and stocking stuffers.  It's so enjoyable to see everyone and catch up on all the happenings.  Looking forward to that.
Tomarrow night I will be back at Floyd for the Friday night crafters market. Friends need to come enjoy the good old bluegrass and good clean fun. 

God Bless and remember that we are never alone.  With God all things can be accomplished.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Making progress with crafts for the upcoming shows. Lots of new characters this year.  We will see how they fair.
Had dinner with the family to celebrate my future daughter-in-law's birthday. A night filled with fun and laughter.  God has blessed me so.
Last Friday I was selling at the crafters market in Floyd.  It was a very slow night, but I did come away with some orders for my gingerbread dolls.  This Saturday I will be at the Spencer-Penn Centre for their fall festival in Spencer, Virginia.  Come out and enjoy the day with us!  I am praying for a very successful day there.  Hoping that sales are especially good.
Well, break time is over and I need to get back to work (play).

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This is the day that the LORD hath made. Let us be glad and rejoice in it. 
Beautiful morning! I am inspired to take a walk or just sit and enjoy the early morning blessings. Listening to Joyce Meyers for daily devotions.  She is amazing!  My daughter took me last fall to see her in Nashville and we had a whole week of fun together.  Moving a little slow today. Getting old is not for the faint of heart.
Check out some of my crafts I have worked on the past week.  The doggies are made from recycled light bulbs. I have lots of characters and I do snowmen in school colors.  They can also be personalized with names and dates. Message me if you're interested.
I will be in Floyd, VA this Friday night at the crafters market under the pavilion. I pray that God blesses the effort and that sales will be great! It may be a little early to bring out the Christmas stuff, but hey, it's Christmas every day at our house.  Just ask my kids! God Bless!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


God blessed me today with a day to myself.  I like solitude! It gives me a chance to reflect and think and get caught up on chores.
After my daily devotions and coffee, I chatted on the phone with a friend, and then went to my painting studio and got busy painting some new wooden ornaments that I had cut out. I am still enjoying my day! At the moment I am watching the Gaithers on tv, and taking a short break; because I can.  My family will be coming in at around 4:00, but for now it's quieter than it has been here in some time.
The day here is beautiful although very hot. Here in Virginia we have had an unusually warm summer. I think I might be ready for the frost on the pumpkin!  I love Fall!  This is the busy season for a crafter.  Especially one who makes Christmas ornaments.
Hope to be seeing some of you at the craft shows!
God Bless Your Day!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Busy Week

This has been a very busy week already and it's only Tuesday!  I have been working on some quilting for a friend, and I spent hours on the computer yesterday, researching and listing some items to sell.  Takes more time than you plan.

I'm hoping to get back to some painting today. I really need to add to inventory since the busy season is now getting started.

Spent the weekend with my sweet husband.  We shopped for 2 days and enjoyed the alone time away from home.  These kinds of weekends don't present themselves too often.  It seems that everyone these days is busy or in a hurry!  I don't think God means for this to be.  Take time to enjoy the ones you love because believe me,  Life Is Short!

Check out the newest bags I have posted on zibbet.com.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where does the time go?

It's Wednesday already,  Seems like there isn't enough time in the day to do all I want to do.  I wake up in the morning with all these ideas running circles in my head.  I must resign myself to the fact that all these plans will not be done in one day.  God allows me strengh to do the things I can, and I have to remember to leave the rest to him..

I am readying all my 'stuff' for the craft market that I am attending this weekend in Floyd, Virginia.  It has been a blessing to me as I am very close and it makes for a short trip.  We are along the Crooked Road tourist attraction, which follows the history of bluegrasss music. There is food and music and artistic works each Friday night trough October. An enjoyable time each week.  But then, I don't get out much.  I am very much a homebody.

My baby boy is back in school.  He would probably not appreciate that as he is now 16, but to me, he will always be my baby.  I just pray that God will surround him with his protection.  Kids these days are facing  serious issues.  There are 13 years between him and the other two and things don't seem to be as easy as they were then.  Just remember to pray for our youth.  They can use all the help we can offer.

Well, the studio is calling.  Got to work on some inventory.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekends are Lovely

   Yesterday I had a refreshing day out with my daughter.  A little lunch at Olive Garden and shopping.  These days don't come along often enough any more.  She is a very busy lady.  I am so proud of her.  She works as an advocate in domestic violence and sexual abuse cases.  Unfortunately this keeps her very busy.
God bless the workers and the beautiful people that they take care of.
    Please check out the picture of the morning spider web in my garden.  I was quilting in my studio yesterday and my machine faces a window.  Just looked up and there it was.  I had to stop what I was doing and capture the beauty of that web with the dew hanging on.  God is good.  To think that such a tiny little guy could construct such a complicated dwelling. Wow!
    I am posting a few more of my handpainte ornaments and then get busy in the studio making a few more.
Today it's out to the workshop to saw some of them out.  This gives me more to work with during the week.
Here's hoping that everyone enjoys their week and that God has a special blessing for you!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Random Thoughts

Look at me, I'm Blogging!

My kids will be so proud of me.  Here in Virginia we have had a lot of rain lately, but today I see the sun.  God is Good!  All the Time!  We have been blessed with a certain amount of flooding in the area, but we live on a mountain, so I think we're safe.

I have been working on a few ornaments this week to add to my inventory for the upcoming craft shows.  My ornaments are made from 1/4" birch plywood from the local cabinet shops.  They always have scrap peices of wood that they are glad for me to come and take off their hands.  I find or create a pattern that I like and cut out an ornament.  Then I sand, handpaint, and cover it with a clear top coat to protect the colors.  All my ornaments can be personalized with name and/or date, and the personalization I do free of charge.  They are finished off with the Humble Heart tradmark heart-shaped wire hanger.

Craft time is wasting.  Hope you enjoy seeing my work.