Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Autumn Art Quilt

This is my newest listing on Etsy.  Getting a jump on the fall schedule and trying to list some of my crafts for the season.

You can check out the details here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/104699835/hand-quilted-autumn-fall-art-quilt-wall

This past weekend we hosted a family dinner for the Guilliams clan.  Family is so important.  Almost everyone attended and we entertained around 40 people.  Larry and I did the burgers and hot dogs and everyone brought a lovely dish for a pot luck event.  The children had a large yard to run and play and we only had a couple of bumps and one to fall into the pond.  No harm done.  She's a first grader and she said that the rock was wobbly.  hehe!
I waited to give my son his special graduation gift until the family could be here. Here is what he received.

It was a folded quilt with a note in the folds.

It was a note from a very special grandmother: Grandma Carrie~

And this is the quilt.  You see, Grandma Carrie hand pieced each one of her grandchildren a quilt for their high school graduations.  All the other grandchildren had graduated except for Eric.  In May of 2000, she boxed up this quilt and wrote the heartfelt note for Eric.  He was then 6 years old.  She passed away on Sept.  12, 2001.  I have kept it just the way she gave it to me since then.  And this Saturday I finally got to see him open the best graduation present ever.  Needless to say we were all overwhelmed with emotion.  Especially Eric.  That night he told me "Mom, that made me tear up!"
I hope your day is as blessed as ours.