Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day, Sunday Walks, and Cookout!

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  I am so thankful for the service of our soldiers and the sacrifices made so that we all might enjoy freedom here in America.
My dad served in WWII in Italy and just 2 years ago arrived in Heaven after battling Alzheimer's for years.
One day before his mind started failing him, I called to check up on him as he was then living alone.  He answered the phone in Italian, which was a great shock to me.  I had never heard him even refer to that language before and it was a hoot!  He just giggled and I lost it!  I will never forget how much fun that was!

Saturday, we worked all day catching up on the gardening and some work on the house that had been put off for a while and needed to be done.  Tired ourselves out I think.  We are not quite as young as we used to be.
LB and I are not too sure how we like having to slow down!   On Sunday I took a stroll in the woods on the property and enjoying taking a few stills.  Hope you like them!

We tidied up the deck and did a little more gardening on Monday and then had a lovely cookout with the kids  that afternoon.  On Monday night I got a little more quilting done in the sewing studio.  I'll post pictures soon of the items I am working on.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!