Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year-----New Beginnings!

Any New Year resolutions?  I don't usually make them.  They are just too easily broken.  This year I hope to get healthier and lose some of the meds I am currently taking, so maybe that is a resolution.  Our family is at the moment happy and healthy and that is a huge blessing.

I hope I can re-vamp my blog and get more crafting and art done for the spring and summer seasons.  I normally do mostly fall and winter projects.  Now, with the Floyd Artisan Market as a sales outlet, I need to expand my vision.  I am up for that!!!

I just finished two quilt tops and hope to get those quilted next week.  I will be working at the art gallery in Floyd on Saturday and hope to get them done by then.. Also I have crafted four Raggedy Ann Prim Dolls to take. Look for me there! 

I hope that all my blogger friends have a great New Year and that God will bless us all in a special way.
Psalm 37:4


Sunday, December 26, 2010

What a Wonderful Life!

How on earth could you ask for a more wonderful Christmas! 

Dinner with family on Friday night. Secret Santa and opening gifts.  Lots of good food and laughter and teasing the kids about Santa's Christmas eve flight.  The little ones were so excited.

Christmas Day, celebrating Jesus' birthday.  Having breakfast with our sweet, sweet children ( who, by the way, are no longer little) and enjoying a delicious menu prepared by my daughter and me.  Then opening of gifts and laughing all the way!
A pajama day spent watching movies and just enjoying family.
And then there was the snow.  God gave us a white Christmas, which we have not experienced in a while.

What could be better?  Check out the pix!  Merry Christmas to all!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Blessed Christmas to Everyone!

I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for the support this year.  I met so many wonderful people!  New crafters and artisans and all the customers who purchased my items.  I have had a good year and it is due to these great folks. My family and I want to wish every one of you a Blessed Christmas and a Very Happy 2011.

We Love you all!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Day!

This weekend was a blast!  Our open house was a success.  We enjoyed shopping, good food, friends, and plenty of laughter. What could be better?

Thanks to all the visitors who stopped by to do their last minute shopping, and a great big thanks to the vendors who took time out of their busy schedules to set up with us.  A good time was had by all and the shared passion for art spiked lively conversation and a common thread that I feel very honored to be a part of.  Humble Heart Designs will be open through Dec. for your shopping convenience.  Check with us to make sure we are here (540) 365-7003, and visit us anythime through the holidays. 
I will now be taking a little r&r then back to work for the coming year's inventory.

God's Blessings to you all for a Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Well, it's getting closer to Jesus' birthday and I for one am excited.  Ever so thankful for God sending his son so that we all have a way to that home we have waiting for us on high.  Praise Him, Praise Him.

I have been under the weather to say the least for about 2 weeks now.  But,  I am recovering nicely and getting ready for our open house this weekend.   About 11 artisans have agreed to join us for the 2 day show, and they are all dear friends of mine that I have met on the craft circuit.  I feel so blessed to be in the company of so much talent. 

The weatherman has assured me that it will be a nice sunny weekend!  So all of you folks make plans to attend.  We will have lots of handcrafted gifts to shop for and lots of food to enjoy while you shop. Support your local artisans and buy good old USA made Christmas presents this year. Message me for more info.

Hope you all can come join the fun.  I have added some pix of our Christmas tree .  Enjoy!

Happy Day!