Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rejoicing in the Moment

Good Sunday morning to all! 
This has really been a busy weekend!  Friday night I set up all my goodies to sell at the Floyd crafters market. God blessed with good sales and we had a wonderful time with crafter friends and good old bluegrass music. Then up again at 5:00 to set up at Woolwine Fall Festival at the Woolwine Fire Dept.
Sales were good there too, but the day turned out to be a long one. We had a lot of fun, and there were lots of activities to do. Good food too! There are some good down home country cooks in Woolwine.
I was so tired last night when I got in!  I did sleep in a while this morning.
My craft buddy, Phillis was with me at Woolwine and we really had fun and a lot of giggles together.
My next 'gig' is in Floyd again on Friday, Oct. 22.  So, I have a much needed break this week.
Hope you all have a blessed week!
God is Good all the time!

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