Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

What a wonderful time of year.  Reflecting on all the things I am thankful for: A God who cares for every aspect of my life, a husband who has loved me and been there for me for 38 years. A daughter who is loving and has a burden on her heart for the people she serves as an advocate for survivors of sexual and domestic abuse. She plays classical piano and flute and has a love for all styles of music. A son who has always loved peace and has been our mediator when struggles come. A lover of music and an acomplished drummer.   He loves life and his personality engages everyone he meets. A future daugter-in-law who has an infectious smile and is the very one that I would have chosen for my son. Then there is our teeny-bopper, who is a joy to the whole family.  He was born into our group after the other two were practically grown and Larry & I started all over again with the late night feedings and all.  He has a love of music and is advancing quickly on guitar.  There is a lot of talent there!
At this time of year we all have wonderful blessings to be thankful for and should remeber where those blessings come from.  A loving God who is always with us.  He knows everything about us and cares for us even when we disobey. A forgiving God who will never give up on us.  Stay close to him.
My you all be blessed this Thanksgiving!

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