Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year-----New Beginnings!

Any New Year resolutions?  I don't usually make them.  They are just too easily broken.  This year I hope to get healthier and lose some of the meds I am currently taking, so maybe that is a resolution.  Our family is at the moment happy and healthy and that is a huge blessing.

I hope I can re-vamp my blog and get more crafting and art done for the spring and summer seasons.  I normally do mostly fall and winter projects.  Now, with the Floyd Artisan Market as a sales outlet, I need to expand my vision.  I am up for that!!!

I just finished two quilt tops and hope to get those quilted next week.  I will be working at the art gallery in Floyd on Saturday and hope to get them done by then.. Also I have crafted four Raggedy Ann Prim Dolls to take. Look for me there! 

I hope that all my blogger friends have a great New Year and that God will bless us all in a special way.
Psalm 37:4


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  1. Hi Pat
    Thank you for the well wishes for my husband. :)
    I don't make resolutions any more, I can never keep them, lol
    Happy New Year Pat!