Friday, January 14, 2011

Heat Wave!

We have a heat wave on the way here in Virginia. The temps have been so cold lately, but the local weatherman is calling for a week of  40-47 degrees.  We'll take it!!!
It has been a short week for me.  Took down the Christmas decorations, well, most of them.  Put up a few Valentine decorations.  Now, today I will clean house.
I have posted photos of some of the work I've been doing this past week.  Finished another lap quilt, and the Valentines wallhanging will go to the art gallery this Saturday.  I will be working there on Sat. from 11-4.  I invite you to come visit the St. Pierre Gallery in Floyd, Virginia.  We have a variety of collections from local artisans.  The talent is unbelieveable! You'll be glad you came!
Happy Day to all!

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  1. Miss seeing you Pat. Are you going back to the market this year? I think we will try it again! Been extra busy. Thought we would have a little break through Jan., but it didn't happen. Hope your business is doing well and that you have stayed healthy over winter. My friend loved the Kitty you made and uses it for a pin cushion like I do. I smile every time I use it. Take care friend, can't wait to see all the new things you are creating....Blessings, Liz Garthly