Thursday, August 25, 2011

bitty bags

Today I made a bunch of Bitty Bags(as in Itty Bitty).  These little purses are my own design and I love them for quick trips to the store, shopping, and festivals. 
They are only 8"x8" and are the perfect size for carrying credit cards and cash, sunglasses,& keys.
The over the shoulder straps on these are great for hands free shopping and security.  They have a velcro fastener with a button
Constructed from upholstery fabrics in a variety of fall colors.  (Thanks Livi for the beautiful fabrics.)  Sturdy and lots of fun to carry.

Topstitch detail and fully lined. These have proved to be very popular and I am selling them for $12.00 each.  Shipping on this item is free, so if you'd like to own one of these darling purses, Email me      Pat Guilliams

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  1. Do you have any more like the one in the top photo on the left.. the red / black one with the circles? I love them!!!!