Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March already!

Wow!  What happened to February?  I know it's a short month, but what gives?  I think that since Christmas I have been in slow motion.
I am in a crafting slump.  I have ideas but I just don't have the energy to accomplish anything.  Maybe I just need to push through.  Prayers would be helpful.  I think I over did it the latter part of last year and I am having a hard time recovering.  I vow that this year I will not do that.
Looking at the craft schedule for this year, I am determined to streamline my set up time and the work it takes to get things displayed.  There is a better way and I Shall find it.
I have been doing some work on my photography and it is getting better.  These items have been listed today on Etsy:

The wall hanging is hand quilted and at $35 is so pretty in pinks and purples for the Spring season. It is a deisgn by Sindy Rodenmayer and I just love it!
The book is an upcycled Reader's Digest Condensed Book. At $8 it's a great gift.  So unique!  It is an original design hand painted in acrylics by little ole me!

My prayers are going out today for all the people affected by the storms west of us here in Virginia.  It's a devistating thing and I know it is hard to cope.  But, God is good, all the time and I trust that he will comfort where it is needed.
God Bless,

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