Monday, May 7, 2012

LB's New Toy!

My husband of 40 years has always worked hard to provide for me and our three great kids.  He has had a lifelong dream of doing beautiful photography.  Mind you he has not picked up a camera in many, many years, but just this week he bought himself a new Nikon camera with all the bells and whistles.  He deserves it!
So, I wanted to share some of his pictures from experimentation this weekend.  I am very proud of his efforts.  These pictures are not doctored on in any way.  This is just the way he saw it.

When he learns the ins and outs of this amazing camera, he just might be an awesome photographer.  What a nice way to spend a retirement.  Let us know what you think. 
Blessed and Happy,


  1. Awesome photos!!!!! I've recently got the "photography" bug after using a friends Nikon!!! So, though I have no desire to be a real photographer, I am saving my pennies for a nicer camera!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. It's so fun to watch them enjoying something they have always wanted to do. I am happy for you both. The camera will be something he can enjoy for years. It takes beautiful photos. The Nikon's are such great cameras. My DH has one too. -Steph-

  3. Hi Pat! I'd say he definitely has talent and he will really enjoy finding subjects - his stills are simply beautiful!
    Thanks so much for your visit to my blog too!

  4. I love his pictures! Thank you for sharing.
    I am a new follower, love your blog!
    Be blessed!