Monday, October 1, 2012

This weekend at the craft show

I had a lovely weekend at the Floyd Co. Craft Show!

There were lots of people and hundreds of vendors.  We had such a great time.  

A couple of pictures of my set up

Lots of folks came by to visit and I got a lot of positive feedback which makes it all worthwhile.  I just love the creative and artistic vibes you get at a craft fair.  So much talent in a small space.  Pure inspiration!!

My 'adopted daughter' Carly Burke and her classy precious metal jewelry were set up adjoining me and we had an absolute blast.  She makes me smile all day!  And my very good friend, Leonora Bridges and her photography, and Sharon with her Christmas arrangements, and Cathy Shockley with her prim creations, and Pam Kesterson, with her quilted bags, and Melody with all her artistic talent, Cheryl with all her Christmas decor, etc, etc, etc,

I just love the atmosphere at an art show. This one is a good one, and if you couldn't make it this year, you need to try for next year, first weekend in Oct.

Here are some pics of the show

My husband took these.... you can tell what interests him...the wood arts.
He is a woodworker himself.  
Overall the show was a roaring success.  Loved it!

My next scheduled show is on Nov. 3 at the Franklin County High School. My husband, I, and all my kids graduated from this high school.  I am excited that this show is growing and that it is so close to home.  It's a good one, so you need to come and enjoy the day.  

Hope your Monday is a blessed one!  I feel very thankful for all the blessings that God sends our way!  



  1. Craft fairs sound like so much fun. Especially this time of year. I am glad it was a good one. Good luck with Franklin. -Steph-