Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Year, New Challenges!

It is really cold here in Virginia.  The Christmas season was different for us this year.  Seems like it crept up on us and we were not ready..  I am always very busy at this time and this year did not disappoint in that area.  

The open house was a success and everyone really enjoyed it.  I was so glad to entertain friends, old and new, and my family of craftsmen always seems to have a lot of fun.  Our Christmas was filled with the love of family also and two new little additions to my niece's family.  Twins!  Born on the 22nd of December.  Congrats to the family.

These are some pics of the mountain above our home.  Shows how cold it has been this past week or so. 

Currently working on some Valentine stuff for my booths at Buy the Season and Blue Ridge Antiques.

Rag Wreaths

More to come!

Be blessed,

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