Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Autumn has officially come to Ferrum, VA.  God has painted the forest trees in beautiful reds, oranges, and golds, and the serenity of the season is inspiring.  I am busily changing a few things around home for the coming holidays.  November will be a very busy month!  Craft shows are scheduled each weekend and I will have my family over for Thanksgiving dinner, as I do every year.  I really look forward to that!
Since Mom and Dad passed, we try to get together when we can.  Everyone is so busy these days, and it's hard to find a time that suits all schedules, but we try. 

I will try to get a few new listings in my Etsy and Zibbet shops within the next couple of weeks.  I really do try to update, but this is a very hectic time of year for us crafters.
I did set up at the Ferrum Rescue Squad last Sat. and it was worth the effort.  There was a lot of traffic due to the Ferrum Folklife Festival. I think this year was one of the better years for the festival.  A lot of people came to the event.  It was a great day, the weather was good and there are always lots of  folk art and old time artisans.  It's a really big deal for this small town.

God Bless Everyone!

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