Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to Eric!

My son turns 17 today.  I remember the day well, Laura was 15 and Chris was 12.  They were there with me until the C-section.  They named the baby.  Laura picked ERIC and Chris picked CONNOR.  So it was that Eric Connor joined our family on Nov. 1, 1993!  What a blessing he is!  Thank you God for my kids!

We celebrated this weekend with dinner and presents and cake.  We giggled and played board games and someone commented that we were like the Cleavers.  Needless to say Eric did not know who the Cleavers were.  Ah Youth!

I have been very busy with preparing for the remaining craft shows for the year, and for my Open House Craft Show in December.  This will be the 10th year for my show.  Pray for much success!
We always have a lot of customers and a lot of fun is had by all. The year seems to have passed by so quickly.  We will soon be entering into a whole new year.  Prayers for 2011.  May God bless you all with a joyous and happy year to come.

We can all rejoice in the knowledge that God is with us and loves us unconditionally all the time!


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